Inaugural Issue, 2009

Vol. 1, No. 1

COVER ART: "Circle Cycle XI" by Wayne Leal; 36 High by 36 Wide; sand, rusted nails, iron oxide acrylic

Online Content

Our inaugural issue includes: prose by William Ayers, Ricardo Cortez Cruz, Noah Eli Gordon, Davis Schneiderman, and Curtis White, poetry by Brenda Hillman, Paul Hoover, Tung-Hui Hu, Claudia Keelan, Alessandra Lynch, Sheila E. Murphy, Dennis Phillips, Sun Yung Shin, and Rosmarie Waldrop, drama by Phillip Dawkins and Paula B. Stanic, art by Wayne Leal, and more. It also features the winner of the Packingtown Review Prize for Critical Response, Deborah DeNicola's essay "Hoover's Eternal Moments." You can now download the PDF of the entire issue on our blog: the writing is as fresh as the day it was copyedited!

Table of Contents

Creative Nonfiction
Steven Church Will the Real K. Nelson Please Stand Up?
Noah Eli Gordon from Dysgraphia: Three Spider Stories
Philip Dawkins Yes to Everything
Paula B. Stanic Late-Night Shopping
Will Buckingham The Cavarello Assault
Ricardo Cortez Cruz The Women of Marvel/Slippin' Into Darkness
Michael Czyzniejewski Jane Byrne Discusses Edward Hopper's Nighthawks With Her New Neighbors, Cabrini-Green, 1981
E. G. Jönsson Last Meal
Davis Schneiderman* from ScatØlØgically Yours: DJ Inside Out vs. Terra form Dub Crew (or a body catch a body)
Todd Davis For My Father's Death, Before It Happens
John Estes Resolution
Anthony Farrington I am a Boy of a Small Frog
Melody S. Gee All Shadows. Then the Light
James Grinwis from Signs of Order In The Universe 2:
Chassis Ground
Unspecified Component
Kenneth E. Harrison, Jr. First Darkness
Brenda Hillman Earth's Shadow
Paul Hoover The Windows (Speech-lit Islands)
Tung-Hui Hu Basic Exercises for Divining the Future
Magda Isanos The Man (trans. John Flynn)
Claudia Keelan Little Elegy Unsung
Alessandra Lynch AGITATION: rain iii
Meditation XXIV
Meditation XVI
Meditation LXVI
Khaled Mattawa Night of the Dulcimer
Jack Miller Cello (Strings for Bones)
Expert Testimony
Sheila E. Murphy from Noun That I've Been Watching: convention.
Dennis Phillips from Studies in Fourteen Lines: Kinch
from On: On Days Shadows Pass
Andrew Pryor Pastoral That Makes a Turn Down Old Warson Road
Elizabeth Robinson Quill (kwil), n.
Sun Yung Shin August 1910
Bongeun-Sa Temple, Samseong-Dong of Gangnam-Gu District
Carter Smith Benveniste
The Islands
Problem III
Allison Smythe Memory of Water
Chad Sweeney White
Miles Waggener Doves
Rosmarie Waldrop What's In the Body
Amie Whittemore The Sting
Menno Wigman Home Flight (trans. Stephen Frech)
Scholarship and Critical Commentary
William Ayers* What I Might Have Said...
Deborah DeNicola Hoover's Eternal Moments (Winner of the 2008 Packingtown Review Prize for Critical Response)
Randall Horton Review of New Thoughts on the Black Arts Movement, eds. Lisa Gail Collins and Margo Natalie Crawford
Hala Ghoneim Walking in Author's Tracks: Translating Ahmed Fu'ad Nigm
Carrie Messenger* Review of The Lazarus Project by Aleksandar Hemon
Joe Moffett The Sonnet as Political Form in Geoffrey Hill's "An Apology for the Revival of Christian Architecture in England"
JoAnne Ruvoli* Review of Komikaze: Strip Album #6
John Taylor Idioms of Remembering: In Search of a Lost Ladino: Letter to Antonio Saura by Marcel Cohen, and The Black Seasons by Michal Glowinski
Ben Underwood* David Foster Wallace: A Remembrance
Curtis White White on Cruz: An Introduction to "Women of Marvel/Slippin' into Darkness" by Ricardo Cortez Cruz
*Invited contributions from the members of the University of Illinois at Chicago community.



Tasha Fouts, Snezana Zabic

Managing Editor

Roxanne Pilat

Fiction & Non-Fiction Editor

Cynthia Cravens

Poetry Editor

Tasha Fouts

Drama Editor

Ivan Rodden

Translation Editor

Snezana Zabic

Scholarship Editor

Madeleine Monson-Rosen, Pete Franks

Art Director

Jennie Berner

Cover Design and Production

Amy Gates

Copy Editors

Matthew Corey, Jen Moore


Todd Marren

Associate Editors

Nneka Alexander, Jennie Berner, Garrett Brown, Matthew Corey, Star Costello, Amy Gates, Alice Haisman, LaVonne Harris, Chad Heltzel, Meg King, Beth McDermott, Carrie Messenger, Megan Milks, Jen Moore, Nadya Prittendrigh, Stephanie Reich, Nicole Russo, Jay Shearer, Kenneth Stewart, Jenny Tabbarra, Kristy Ulibarri


Louis Kahn

Faculty Advisers

John Huntington, Cris Mazza, David Schaafsma, Luis Urrea