by Jose Alberto Ocampo Barrera

  1. Look
  2. at you, haven’t grown
  3. a day old have you
  4. I was seven then remember
  1. Refused
  2. to leave, you did
  3. my body, no longer
  4. bruises, believe me
  5. blotches of purple are
  6. still there
  1. Far
  2. I thought you’d gone
  3. then, and just then
  4. I’d seen you
  5. in my eyes
  1. Shook
  2. my bones, it did
  3. to see you within me
  4. but, well, Hello
  5. welcome back
  1. You
  2. have been missed
Packingtown Review – Vol.13, Spring 2020

Jose Alberto Ocampo Barrera is a Chicano writer who studies literature and psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He writes about psychology, literature, and philosophy on his blog, The Barrera Blog.

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