by Keith Dunlap

  1. August will end
  2.   and all our expectations
  3. die. Our chance
  4.   to forge that moment
  5. in the late summer
  6.   sun when life
  7. is darkly bright
  8.   and all our perturbations
  9. count as one.
  10.   The transitory moods
  11. never quite combine
  12.   to crystallize the day.
  13. A pleasurable repose
  14.   seems just out of reach.
  15. The water is too cold.
  16.   The day too hot.
  17. The children whine.
  18.   Even the predicted time
  19. when alone
  20.   we dove beyond
  21. the waves
  22.   and recollected innocence,
  23. floated on our backs,
  24.   let briny brilliance
  25. crackle and drown us out,
  26.   was incomprehensible
  27. and lacked sincerity
  28.   which we crave
  29. unable to perceive
  30.   the nothing
  31. which takes us in
  32.   the infinity
  33. in which we swim.
Packingtown Review – Vol.13, Spring 2020

Keith Dunlap has been published in numerous journals, including The Baltimore Review, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, The Carolina Quarterly, The Comstock Review, Ninth Letter, and Poet Lore. Hip Pocket Press published his first collection, Storyland, in 2016.

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