Lie Beside the Flower
by Vincent Green

  1. I am against
  2. The ritual of forgiveness
  3. As I am against the rose
  4. Who furnishes her
  5. Blossom in consolation
  6. Only after drawing blood
  7. From your hand.
  8. Give up finding your way
  9. Into the only thing
  10. You’ve ever really had:
  11. What’s called the present
  12. Moment––which blooms
  13. Like a morning in the wake
  14. Of a lightning storm.
  15. Give the gift of flowers
  16. Not because they blossom
  17. In the vase by the window
  18. But because they will
  19. Be gone by the end
  20. Of the week. Be once
  21. Full of sorrow for the flower.
  22. Lay them in an empty
  23. Room swept clean of
  24. All occasion. Lie
  25. Beside the flower.
  26. Sing the fatal lullaby
  27. The song we call forgiveness
  28. Until you begin to bloom.
  29. What we call “now” is not a gift
  30. But a kind of death
  31. Whose music is the silence
  32. From which everything begins.
  33. You can hear it in the sound
  34. Of the songless birds,
  35. See it in the way
  36. The trees are leaning
  37. Toward a sea
  38. Where light is gleaming.
  39. These are the things I can’t remember.
  40. No. Not yet. Not at all. Never.
Packingtown Review – Vol.15, Spring 2021

Vincent Green's work was published in the Journal of Poetry Therapy (December 2018). He has worked a number of odd jobs, including driving a yellow cab in New York City. Green is now dedicating his attention to earning a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.

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