Everything Seems Significant
by David Dodd Lee

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My art is constantly changing. As much as it’s about anything it’s about the interactions that take place between the artist and his or her environment. I make what I’m given to make, but I pay particular attention to walking a fine line between the arbitrary and the thematically coherent. I like the suggestion of narrative, but ultimately the many narratives we are all familiar with are a bore. I like how chance introduces elements of the absurd and how the resulting juxtapositions suggest a reality I’m more familiar with than any contrivance an artist or poet might come up with. Art is about pushing back, but also about allowing a certain amount of formal flow to intermingle with what verges on what a professional designer might call Bad Design. Out of chaos comes order (hopefully). I’m just constantly astounded, when making art out of what amounts to debris, how everything usually works out.

Packingtown Review – Vol.15, Spring 2021

David Dodd Lee is the author of ten full-length books of poems and a chapbook, including Animalities (Four Way Books) and Orphan, Indiana (Akron) and two books of Ashbery erasure poems, as well as a forthcoming book of collages, erasure poems, and original poems, entitled Unlucky Animals. He writes and makes visual art and kayaks in Northern Indiana, where he lives on the St. Joseph River.

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