Gretchen Hasse

Artist's Statement

I wrote stories before I ever picked up a pencil to draw, and since then my work has been narrative, even when I don't necessarily intend it to be.

My mind and creative work are populated with characters inspired by friends, students, relatives, and people I meet only briefly. I make a living in video production, and even the quickest observation on the most mundane corporate project can provide potentially deep subject matter.

Currently, most of my drawings focus on the characters and storyline I'm developing for a webcomic. Sometimes I use photographs for backgrounds, both because I like the look and because drawing objects isn't my main strength.

A few years ago, I committed to traveling. I keep loose travel journals in the form of writing, video, drawing, and/or photography. These are never really a detailed account of the trip, but more of a record of the thoughts inspired by the trip and the people I encounter. I try to be respectful of the people I photograph.

The Detroit Icon said, "I see your camera. You better take a picture of me, and don't you lose it, if you know what's good for you."

I agree.

Courting Lupita #1, 2012

Drawing and photo collage, constructed to be mounted behind a window frame.

Resilience: Health Worker Dance Party in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, 2011

Cap-Haitien, Haiti

Detroit Icon, 2010

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Gretchen Hasse has an MFA from SAIC. She has worked as a videographer in Chicago for over ten years, and taught video production for ten years at the high school and college levels. These days she is focusing on art that moves only in the mind.