Ksenija Simic-Muller

All the boxes in the attic

  1. All the chests ajar
  2. No duct tape on cardboard
  3. all accessible why won't you open them?
  4. what spiders have woven is soft and wiggly
  5. you should not be afraid: won't you open them?
  6. webs protect what I threw in boxes long ago
  7. making sure never to put solid objects and lawyers
  8. on the same pile with starry-eyed
  9. They all rotted inside
  10. Some boxes had been filled earlier
  11. left to me by all the mothers I could have had
  12. some never opened
  13. life unexamined
  14. unable to say
  15. that I have met a boxer, a private detective, a hungry mother,
  16. someone trying madly to get into the book of records
  17. by doing something preposterous and sad
  18. not merely to say I met them
  19. but to hear thoughts of those more adept at
  20. screaming
  21. bleeding
  22. shadowboxing
  23. I painted a box in whimsical colors,
  24. hallucinogenic flowers and mad love
  25. I try to keep it empty
  26. try every day
  27. it has plenty of air and sometimes some light
  28. it is livable
  29. stay out
Ksenija Simic-Muller once lived in Belgrade, former Yugoslavia, where she published a collection of short stories and a collection of poems. She now spends most of her time being an educator focusing on social justice mathematics. She is not related to Charles Simic.