Ksenija Simic-Muller

The little friend

  1. That which you seek does not exist
  2. this longing reminiscent of:
  3. hidden chambers, fancy locks and rusted keys, vertigous staircases
  4. from: dreams, art photography, German films
  5. black & white though mostly yellow, set in 1930s,
  6. with boys in sailor suits
  7. spying on carnal secrets in musty bedrooms
  8. vacant streets from disaster films:
  9. everyone dies except for the boy
  10. hiding from zombies (that crouch in the back of our heads)
  11. running across the city square
  12. nobody talks about the camps and cattle trains filled with people
  13. and we all pretend that it's a story of austerity and loss of green fields
  14. This feeling terrible but complete,
  15. this place unknown outside inner spaces
  16. one suspects it but cannot touch
  17. in J.C's boxes,
  18. indescribable collages juxtaposing the impossible with the unsaid
  19. perfect accord of their separtely attained truths
  20. some questionable
  21. Your truths cannot be described
  22. tin dolls with painted faces, eerie ballerinas
  23. with eyelashes of copper, smells never yet described
  24. places
  25. of which nothing can be said
  26. they don't exist
  27. this is their residing place
  28. – the nowhere
  29. – the never
  30. – the now
Ksenija Simic-Muller once lived in Belgrade, former Yugoslavia, where she published a collection of short stories and a collection of poems. She now spends most of her time being an educator focusing on social justice mathematics. She is not related to Charles Simic.