from "Types of Glass"
by James Grinwis


  2. She has a stronger pre frontal cortex.
  1. It is said an animal knows when it is ready to die.
  1. A lion will kill a wildebeest gently when they exchange glances.
  2. When the animal is ready to give up
  3. or when it isn’t
  1. depends.
  1. Some people go out there to get lost.
  1. Some go there to find something.


  2. They are always fledged, they
  3. are flying, and wings are things we know
  1. from their bones and anatomies
  1. but know nothing, really, of what it is
  2. to do that.
  1. If I were an owl I would have killed
  2. many little animals
  1. before being stupid enough to get
  2. smashed by an SUV or a telephone cable.
  1. I love the way
  1. she looks at me, like there are smashed
  2. wings vomiting out of her irises
  1. which are flowers which are elevator wires which
  1. just are
  1. To know what “are” is
  2. means I am going crazy
  1. there is no one there
  1. but there is.


  2. So in case a rock hits it, it shatters
  3. in a way that is totally safe,
  4. like in a million dense, harmless bits.
  5. To be toughened completely,
  6. is that to be without pain?
  7. Or at least toughening?
  8. What about completely giving in?
  9. There is a shell inside of the television
  10. that guides you to shows
  11. that are actually totally the wrong things to watch.
  12. What about the Red Sox? What about Chopped?
  13. There is a form of glass
  14. that is chopped, it inhabits the limbic system
  15. in an addict’s brain.
  16. People with addiction issues
  17. have lives nobody knows about
  18. except other inhabiters of addiction.
  19. They were all trying to find a solution
  20. for pain and a way to have love not hurt them.
  21. And now they barely breathe, we breathe the way
  22. glass breathes.

    Extra Clear

  2. If you look at the sun you turn blind
  3. as this type of glass. But any poem
  4. about looking at the sun
  5. is sort of smarmy unless
  6. you are an amazing person.
  7. I can’t do that, so I write ditties about glass.
  8. Like how my name is glass
  9. and imagine an earth
  10. without glass, all of the buildings
  11. and establishments
  12. like giant tombs, the sky a huge
  13. rain infested mollusk, how did we even
  14. discover glass? The secret came from
  15. a chunk of obsidian, my secret to existence
  16. is knowing I don’t know.
Packingtown Review – Vol.10, Spring 2018

James Grinwis is the author of The City From Nome (National Poetry Review Press) and Exhibit of Forking Paths (Coffee House). His poems have appeared recently or coming soon in Hotel Amerika, Poetry Northwest, Bennington Review, Arcturus, Rogue Embryo, and Willow Springs. A founding editor of Bateau Press, he lives in Greenfield, MA. James was a contributor to Volume 1 of Packington Review.

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