Table of Contents

  1. The Editors
    Nine Lives All Spent, Our Double Digits Are Here
  2. Rosmarie Waldrop
    Landscape Overhtrownpoetry
  3. James Grinwis
    from "Types of Glass"poetry
  4. Ant Planetpoetry
  5. Matt McBride
    from "The Mourners Forget Which Funeral They Are At"poetry
  6. Elizabeth J. Colen
    How We Met the Barbarianspoetry
  7. Peter Grimes
  8. Gretchen Hasse
  9. Stormanimation
  10. Paul Martínez Pompa
    Review of Roberto Harrison’s Culebra
  11. George Bishop, Jr.
    From So Simple a Beginning, Endless Forms Most Beautiful and Most Wonderful; or: Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood Macfiction
  12. Chad Heltzel
  13. Making a Killingpoery
  14. Photos of America’s Abandoned Mallspoetry
  15. Jessica Young
    Road Hazardsfiction
  16. Paul Smith
  17. Michelle Graves & Frederick Nitsch
    White Dwarf Collision (Free Unfree)art
  18. Black Hole (Some Things Don't Last)art
  19. Nebula (You Were Once At Home Here)art
  20. John Sibley Williams
    Duluth, Minnesotapoetry
  21. Florence Weinberger
    I Thought To Shake Him Out of His Griefpoetry
  22. John Walser
  23. Dragana Jurišić
    From "My Own Unknown"art
  24. Urayoán Noel
    Solo / Cantopoetry
  25. Roberto Harrison
    Brenda's Birthdayart
  26. River of Darknessart
  27. A. Loudermilk
    Space to Space: On Movingessay
  28. Inga Lea Schmidt
    Approaching Aridpoetry
  29. Jean Wolff
  30. Gambrolart
Packingtown Review – Vol.10, Spring 2018
  1. The Editors
    Nine Lives All Spent, Our Double Digits Are Here