yet hidden in your skinny whittling breakfast
by Glenn Ingersoll

  1. It was just as well. That’s how it was.
  2. After many years of searching he found all sorts of things.
  3. I looked into my soul because there was a way through it.
  4. Here at the precipice you find the pearliest of fog.
  1. When the drip fills the bowl, we believe in the drip.
  2. I haven’t called her in forever either.
  3. Sugar on the tongue sweetens the oath.
  4. Things will get better, you bet.
  1. Better to get on to something worth the wondering.
  2. In this way you can see behind the front.
  3. I was doing great, which is what and how I was doing.
  4. You know it works. It makes a funny noise.
Packingtown Review – Vol.12, Fall 2019

Glenn Ingersoll wishes to thank H. D. Moe for the title of this poem. He works for the Berkeley Public Library where he hosts Clearly Meant, a reading & interview series. He has two chapbooks, City Walks, (broken boulder) and Fact (Avantacular). He keeps two blogs, LoveSettlement and City Walks. Recent work has appeared in Poetry East, Askew, and Hearty Greetings.

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