Table of Contents

  1. The Editors
  2. Sarah Jane Pazen
    Love Sonnetpoetry
  3. Mike Hilbig
    The Bell Witch Hunter & the Curse of Jacksonian Historyfiction
  4. Osip Mandel'shtam
  5. Charlie Chaplinpoetry
  6. Rob Cook
    The Trouble With Being Understood by Storms and Storms of Peoplepoetry
  7. Suydam Streetpoetry
  8. Joseph Heathcott
    Shops in Jackson Heights, Queens, 2014art
  9. Natasha Deonarain
  10. Ranjan Adiga
    Dry Bloodfiction
  11. Gene Tanta
    Alexandra Ciupagart
  12. Asma Abdi
    A Woman of Many Landspoetry
  13. John Zedolik
    Music Rebuffpoetry
  14. Slobodan Tišma
    from The Bernardi Setfiction
  15. Glenn Ingersoll
    yet hidden in your skinny whittling breakfastpoetry
  16. climbing out of the agreeable itpoetry
  17. Brett Stout
    Rebuild.Destroy. Rebuild Againart
  18. George Freek
    In the Garden Was a Mockingbirdpoetry
  19. Winter Is Now Upon Mepoetry
  20. Scott Laudati
    My Suitcase Is Packedpoetry
Packingtown Review – Vol.12, Fall 2019
  1. The Editors