My Suitcase Is Packed
by Scott Laudati

  1. i know you’re home somewhere out there
  2. in colorado
  3. where the desert flowers
  4. wait all year to turn yellow
  5. and horses with spanish blood
  6. whip their manes under lightning
  7. as the snows melt down to refill
  8. the dried beds.
  9. somewhere where enough was enough
  10. and you had to put a continent between me
  11. and new jersey.
  12. i’ve seen that land and pulled over
  13. to swim naked where the white crests shatter
  14. and freedom is something more than a dream.
  15. there are no dead ends on your streets,
  16. the rain only falls straight down
  17. and even stray cats
  18. come when they’re called.
  19. i bled for you once
  20. when the war was still far from over
  21. and the end hasn’t gotten any closer
  22. so i guess
  23. i’d do it again
Packingtown Review – Vol.12, Fall 2019

Scott Laudati is the author of Bone House (Bone Machine Books, 2018). Visit him on Instagram @scottlaudati.

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