A Self-Portrait
by Emily Bornstein

  1. The likeness of a girl resigned to be a cheap counterfeit brick
  2. in the hulking wall of dead poets stacked to heaven and back
  3. fifty times. She wishes, when there is not a word on earth that
  4. feels pristine, that the artists would just take their goddamned
  5. art with them to the sky. But the words, with a sudden glint of
  6. lotus flower feigned virginity, rub the thought from her head
  7. every time. So she remains a girl, fraught with words that are far
  8. more beautiful than she will be. And how sad it is for a girl to know
  9. that she’ll spend her life trying to get close to the shrouded part of
  10. her soul that can touch words as if they were lovers. How sad it is,
  11. she thinks, for a girl to write up a fleeting midnight portrait that is
  12. completely bodiless, yet more substantial than herself.
Packingtown Review – Vol.15, Spring 2021

Emily Bornstein is presently the Editor-in-Chief of her high school’s literary magazine and the school newspaper. She also enjoys playing the guitar and piano, and volunteering in a social skills group for children with special needs.

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