Volume 2, 2010

Vol. 2, No. 1


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Our second issue includes drama by Janet Burroway, John Greiner, and Dayana Stetco, poetry by Julie Carr, Norman Dubie, Michelle Glazer, Matt Hart, Karen An-Hwei Lee, and Joshua Marie Wilkinson, prose by Johanna Drucker, Daniel Nester, and Effie Yiannopoulou, art by Victoria Bischtok, and more. You can now download the PDF of the entire issue on our blog: the writing is as fresh as the day it was copyedited!

Table of Contents

Creative Nonfiction
JULIE ENSZER On Friendship
ART HONDROS Artist's Statement
Tin Scraps
DANIEL NESTER Garden Path Paragraphs: Variations on Eggs, Faith, Doubt, and Fathering
JANET BURROWAY from Medea with Child
JOHN GREINER One and All of Noble Birth
HOLLY DAY By the Flickering Lights of a Time Machine
STACY TINTOCALIS The Man from Istanbul
JAMES BELFLOWER from Friend of Mies van der Rohe
LORI BRACK The Dead Letter Detective Finds a Clue
The Dead Letter Detective Grows Old
The Dead Letter Detective Writes to His Lover
MARK JAY BREWIN, JR. A History of Nut Allergies
JULIE CARR from Wroth: 101 Notes on Violence
NINA CORWIN Two-Tagged Ekphrastic
DARREN C. DEMAREE Black and White Picture #29
NORMAN DUBIE Pontius Pilate
The Early Evening Phenomena of Winter Sabbath
MICHELE GLAZER The rabbi is pressed into service
CAROL GUESS The Art of the Placebo
MATT HART February 2nd, December 29th, August 3rd, etc.
Her Name was Name
PIERRE-ALBERT JOURDAN from Fragments (trans. John Taylor)
KAREN AN-HWEI LEE Double Love Quarantine
Huang Yu: Yellow Rain
Prayer of Transparencies
Salt Eclogue
DAWN LONSINGER la fille fragile
MATT MCBRIDE Your Time Between Ghosts
JON PIERCE Pilgrim's Path
Reflection on Lethe
SU SMALLEN Snow that Falls like Amnesia
SARAH VAP A bladder bag to split the earth's water
JOSHUA MARIE WILKINSON from I go by Edgar Huntly now
YIM TAN WONG Spud Serenades the Artichoke
D. G. ZORICH It's Late, and Then It's After
Scholarship and Critical Commentary
PAUL ALBANO* Review of The Age of Orphans
JOHANNA DRUCKER Looks, Is, and Does
ANDREW FARKAS* The Director of the Flyover States: On John Hughes
CHAD HELTZEL* Review of Placed: Karesansui Poems
STEVEN IGLESIAS* Review of Door Languages
HEATHER METCALF, SHANNON RANDALL, ALEXX TRACY-RAMÍREZ Queering Love: (Private) Conversations as Counterpublic
EFFIE YIANNOPOULOU Homing Memories: Place and Mobility in Jean Rhys's Voyage in the Dark
Visual Art
VIKTORIA BINSCHTOK Artist’s Statement: Suspicious Minds
SM #82
SM #106
SM #113
ALEXANDER J. FEDIRKO Artist’s Statement: Sears Tower
January 19, 2009; Sears Tower; East View
January 19, 2009; Sears Tower; South View
January 19, 2009; Sears Tower; South View
January 19, 2009; Sears Tower; West View
*Invited contributions from the University of Illinois at Chicago community.



Matthew Corey & Jennifer Moore

Founding Editors

Tasha Fouts & Snezana Zabic

Managing Editor

Star Costello

Production Editor

Amy Gates

Poetry Editor

Chad Heltzel

Fiction Editor

Jocelyn Eighan

Nonfiction Editor

Roxanne Pilat

Scholarship Editor

Lucas Johnson

Drama Editor

Lyndee Yamshon

Art Director

Jennie Berner


Maureen Hickey

Faculty Advisers

John Huntington, Cris Mazza, David Schaafsma, Luis Urrea


Todd Marren

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