Three Pieces
by Omniphonic

"Rain at Midnight" by Jenene Ravesloot

"River Sestina Variation" by Jenene Ravesloot

"Requiem" by Tom Roby

Omniphonic is a poetry sound trio composed of Jenene Ravesloot and Tom and Lem Roby. Jenene and Tom write poems and take them to Lem who then collaborates with the poets to work out the sounds that express the details and overall feeling of each poem. Lem Roby plays guitar in the Chicago area and is the bandleader of Jack Salamander. He teaches various instruments and runs a recording studio. He has played with, and has recorded, a number of well-known Chicago poets. Omniphonic has featured at many poetry venues in Chicago and is working on a CD.

Packingtown Review – Vol.5, Fall 2013

Jenene Ravesloot is a member of the Poets’ Club of Chicago, Poets & Patrons and the Illinois State Poetry Society. Her poetry has been published in the Chicago Quarterly Review, after hours, and many other poetry journals. Jenene Ravesloot has published three books of poetry and regularly runs workshops at various venues in Chicago.


Tom Roby is President and critique leader of the Poets' Club of Chicago. His poems have appeared in after hours, Exact Change Only, Poetry Fish, Frog Pond and other poetry journals as well as on north suburban PACE buses. He has published three poetry books. His poetry performances are featured on YouTube..

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