Table of Contents

  1. The Editors
    Breaking News: Literary Writing Suspended Indefinitely
  2. David Starkey
    Europeans Extolled Aztec Architecture Then Destroyed Itpoetry
  3. Mercedes Lawry
    Border A Cappellapoetry
  4. Jessica Young
    Please Hold Your Questionsfictionaudio
  5. Lauren Russell
  6. J.A. Bernstein
    Liberace's Lustercriticism
  7. Elisabeth Arlen
    Grandma Box Haircutpoetry
  8. Jennie Berner
  9. Paul Smith
    Jenifer Takes Off Her Brapoetry
  10. Lauren Russell
    Yellow Brick Roadpoetry
  11. Robert Nazarene
    On the Good Ship Lollipop (It's a Quick Trip to the Candy Shop)poetry
  12. Susan H. Maurer
    Dean and Delucapoetry
  13. Jennie Berner
  14. Mercedes Lawry
    True and False and What's in the Middlepoetry
  15. Jennie Berner
  16. Chad Heltzel
  17. Lauren Russell
    Fear of Drivingpoetry
  18. Robert Nazarene
    Thus Are My Stars Which Shinethpoetry
  19. Omniphonic
    Three Piecesaudiopoetry
  20. Chad Heltzel
    St. Catherine of Alexandria and the Red Seapoetry
  21. Tricia Rumbolz
    Excerpts from the History of Clay Bookart
  22. George Bishop Jr.
    Chinese Boyfiction
  23. David Starkey
    Abandoned Private Zoo, Cancunpoetry
  24. J.A. Bernstein
    Gus Van Sant: A Reappraisalcriticism
  25. Dan Ivec
    Bird Leaving a Stolen Cityart
  26. Chad Heltzel
    Learning Polishpoetry
  27. Sherard Harrington
    Just Call Me Troycriticismcreative nonfiction
  28. Dan Ivec
    Almost Like Birdsart
  29. Lauren Russell
    Narrative Arcpoetry
  30. Tricia Rumbolz
    Fibonacci Numbers Stacked 0-300art
  31. Dan Ivec
    The Chain Smoking Mountainsart
  32. B.J. Hollars
    Finding Paul Bunyancreative nonfiction
  33. Dan Ivec
    The Fortune Tellersart
  34. Spencer Smith
  35. David Starkey
    To a Friend in Hospicepoetry
  36. John F. Buckley & Martin Ott
    Late-December Holiday Specialpoetry

  37. Artist's Statement: Jennie Berner

  38. Artist's Statement: Dan Ivec

  39. Artist's Statement: Tricia Rumbolz
Packingtown Review – Vol.5, Fall 2013
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    Breaking News: Literary Writing Suspended Indefinitely
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