Dean and Deluca
by Susan H. Maurer

  1. I ordered pain
  2. You did not flinch
  3. Your rabbit face was blank
  4. Pamplemousse, café au lait
  5. And little bread with chocolate
  6. Has anyone else ordered pain, I ask
  7. You do not smile
  1. This is an advertisement to unknown persons
  2. I’d like you to come alone or one-by-one
  3. For pain removal, by van or limo, or by hand
  4. This appeal to unknown faces
  5. If I write it, will they come
Packingtown Review – Vol.5, Fall 2013

Susan H. Maurer has had three broadsides and six little books come out, and her full length Perfect Dark was published in by Ungovernable Press (run by Sweden’s Lars Palm). Among her anthology appearances are Help Yourself! (Autonomedia) and Off the Cuffs: Poetry By And About the Police (Soft Skull Press). She has read at venues such as Poets House, St. Mark’s Poetry Project, The National Arts Club, New York Public Library and the Brooklyn Bridge.

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