Alfred Hitchcock is Dead
by David P. Rogers

  1. So are most of the people
  2. who were on his TV shows
  3. in his movies
  4. the actors have become
  5. historical fictions
  6. faded to black and white
  7. stored in digital format
  8. ones and zeroes
  9. protons and electrons
  10. something and nothing
  11. murderers and victims
  12. allowed to play out
  13. their dramas over and over
  14. again in peace
  15. in what cannot be called
  16. heaven or hell
  17. it is only what happened
  18. as the record plainly shows
  19. the sponsors our host takes
  20. such delight in deriding
  21. are also defunct
  22. but business thrives
  23. death still pays the bills
  24. Alfred Hitchcock is not dead
Packingtown Review – Vol.6, Winter 2014/2015

David Rogers has published in various journals, including Pennsylvania English, The Comstock Review, and Nimrod. He is a cat person and has lived in the cave region of Kentucky for over twenty years, during which time he has impersonated an English teacher and cave explorer. He is now retired and is a full-time poet, cat-petter, and bicyclist.

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