Table of Contents

  1. The Editors
    Editors Intro
  2. Michelle Graves
    Still Churningart
  3. Patty Houston
    Attack of the Fat Manfiction
  4. David P. Rogers
    Alfred Hitchcock is Deadpoetry
  5. Deborah DeNicola
    Thirteen Ways of Looking at Alfred Hitchcock's Blackbirdspoetry
  6. David L. Amadio
    The World's Largest Bubble Bathfiction
  7. Michelle Graves
    That Kind of Hurtart
  8. Mark Jackley
    Just Beyond the White House Protestpoetry
  9. Omar Pérez
    Five Piecesaudiopoetry
  10. Benjamin Schmitt
    July 4th, 2012poetry
  11. Michelle Graves
    Feeling Aloneart
  12. David P. Rogers
    After Zenopoetry
  13. Doug Grosjean
    Untitled 1art
  14. Elizabeth Johnson
    Struggles with Perceptual Constancypoetry
  15. Dragana Jurisic
    YU: The Lost Countryart
  16. Marko Paunovic
    (Slow walking (in)to))) Pieces froidesaudiopoetry
  17. Dragana Jurisic
    YU: The Lost Countryart
  18. John Sibley Williams
  19. Chris Waters
    Vincent, Not Alonepoetry
  20. Doug Grosjean
    Untitled 2art
  21. John Sibley Williams
    Alma Materpoetry
  22. Alexis Ivy
  23. Florence Weinberger
    The Frivolous Wonder of Preferencepoetry
  24. Dragana Jurisic
    YU: The Lost Countryart
  25. Elizabeth Johnson
    Blue Lava Meditationpoetry
  26. Elie Axelroth
    The Sound of Emptinessfiction
  27. Dragana Jurisic
    YU: The Lost Countryart
  28. John Walser
    The Offering: Letterfrack, Ireland: Stations of the Cross Aislingpoetry
  29. Omar Pérez
    Que lo proliferaaudiopoetry
  30. M. Nasorri Pavone
    What is Sacredpoetry
  31. Doug Grosjean
    Untitled 3art
  32. Heather Dubrow
    Aubade for Our Early Eveningpoetry
  33. Mark Jackley
    After Cleaning Off My Dresser Toppoetry
  34. M. Nasorri Pavone
    An Ex-Waitress Takes her Alter-Ego Out to Lunchpoetry
  35. Diane Busuttil
    Sour Mashdancevideo
  36. John Walser
    A Former Ballerina Restores Irish Castlespoetry
  37. Dragana Jurisic
    YU: The Lost Countryart
  38. Lyndee Yamshon
    Daddy Issuescreative nonfiction
  39. Elizabeth Johnson
    Original Sensepoetry
  40. Michelle Graves
    Beep Beepart

  41. Artist's Statement: Michelle Graves

  42. Artist's Statement: Doug Grosjean

  43. Artist's Statement: Dragana Jurisic
Packingtown Review – Vol.6, Winter 2014/2015
  1. The Editors
    Editors Intro