Original Sense
by Elizabeth Johnson

  1. A winter ride in the back of that cocoon;
  2. Through black night, still in frozen miniature
  3. All hummed. The grown two voices wrapped like heat
  4. And warmed us. Touches, cheeks to arctic window
  5. Made outside real and brought the stars of ice;
  6. The sprinkled crystals, palpably near and dense.
  7. Multifacets; blues or yellows or pinks
  8. In flashing hints presented diamonds. Those
  9. To nearly pluck as we rode by. Demure,
  10. Reflecting, colored more, the dashboard stars
  11. Spread their dim constellations too; the silk
  12. Of intimate droning sonorous and rich;
  13. The key of F, like engines' deep parlance;
  14. The fan that circled. Cushioned rolling, curves
  15. And turning gave us melody itself,
  16. While children; we; were pleasantly alone.
  17. Another world detained us briefly; stark
  18. Our lover waits out there. Disguised; contrasting
  19. Moods as marriages of dark and bright
  20. And passion mysteries only intimated.
  21. Within, while, soft retained and cared; it winked
  22. At brilliant morsels, thrilling promises.
Packingtown Review – Vol.6, Winter 2014/2015

Elizabeth Johnson, PhD. is a clinical psychologist who, in addition to professional publications and presentations, has had poems published in Nimrod, Bear Creek Haiku, North American Review, International Journal of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology and North Dakota Quarterly. She lives in a timber frame home she hand-built in Colorado, and spends as much time as possible writing poetry.

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