After Cleaning Off My Dresser Top
by Mark Jackley

  1. I stood back and regarded the absence of my wallet,
  2. the Honda keys that take me in little circles and
  3. gazed upon a perfect slab of emptiness and light
  4. streaming from the window, from the larger light.
  5. It was enough to make me wish to be a dust more,
  6. electrical and dancing, time keeping me.
  1. My grandfather’s dresser. A drummer who departed,
  2. shining and alone, to no music.
Packingtown Review – Vol.6, Winter 2014/2015

Mark Jackley's forthcoming book of poems is Appalachian Night. Previous books include Every Green Word (Finishing Line Press) and Cracks and Slats (Amsterdam Press). His work has appeared in Tampa Review, Sugar House Review, Melic, Sleet, Crate, Rougarou and other journals. He lives in Sterling, VA.

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