Sour Mash
by Diane Busuttil

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Sour Mash, 2006, Berlin, is a short experimental dance film using the elements of choreography by (Diane Busuttil) and camera (by Laura Scarborough) combined. Laura and Diane played with the idea of creating movement that directly relates to the limitations of the camera frame; therefore, the choreography was specifically dictated by the frame size. Sour Mash is a playful dance between the camera and the dancer. Laura Scarborough also edited the film.

Packingtown Review – Vol.6, Winter 2014/2015

Diane Busuttil is a physical performer who trained as a dancer at the University of Western Sydney, Australia, where she majored in dance on film. She has since danced, choreographed and taught her way all over the world performing and collaborating with a diverse range of artistic groups in the capacity of dancer, acrobat, teacher, choreographer, producer and director. Her most recent short film, Fresh Fruit, is currently screening at various international film festivals.

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