Blue Lava Meditation
by Elizabeth Johnson

  1. Now you, and your face waves before me like any other
  2. Bright and quiet parade.
  3. I piece it in one long ribbon
  4. My deep push of passion and into your awareness.
  5. Just feed me as I know you will
  6. Sweet and tepid rinse of mild drama.
  1. So green is the color of the moment of sex;
  2. To celebrate the spring beginnings.
  3. A beautiful white painted wooden chair;
  4. Spindles, rungs, a high back and the right smell
  5. Where two people can rock or one can sit and remember;
  6. The kind of love that pays itself back in rages of green.
  1. Do let's go, say, and skim the bottom of the shallow stream.
  2. The water pulls away to go over
  3. But not so far as to forget the curve on which it began.
  4. That is all, a minor swell in the flow
  5. Not the tension of a lifetime of coming together and apart
  6. Together and apart.
  1. I could take a huge dose of you into that quiet closet,
  2. For the lack of your sweating neck and pushing face.
  3. You talk to me as coming into focus
  4. Comes; as you are closer and real,
  5. As I breathe any lap or chewy structure that you offer.
  1. Too deep to notice anything but that fine long body against;
  2. The tangled blankets and layers of all night long
  3. On the sheets, in the air.
  4. Concentrated lover and the tangy and intoxication,
  5. The best richest way to have what passes as separate lives.
  1. Oh, I suppose you have begun to feel it now;
  2. That sweetest tension that pulls any lovers in for the wind,
  3. That utter gone sunset too lost on kissing bodies;
  4. Too missed by holds.
  5. I could take white pictures; I could wake all of you
  6. And you would know who I was
  7. You would not forget how you promised me as
  8. Much of that love as I might create.
  1. I would tent you;
  2. I would touch the blood on your fingers
  3. Of course I would.
  4. Your face would glow in the
  5. Front of my mind like a well-lit monument,
  6. Like the touch of such a violent affair.
  1. Taking my face; just taking my face
  2. And climbing, gaining, mounting, staking a claim
  3. From ordinary loving to kissing and eating and drinking
  4. And breathing and biting; I see it is good;
  5. The give and suppleness of skin stretched over that frame
  6. So close to the source of birth; the smile, the eyes.
  1. This is the sex of taking in
  2. Of taking all the way in and swallowing
  3. My body in your mouth and my ecstasy on your face.
  4. You breathe me and you climb me
  5. Like the elevation I am.
  6. All religion knows that God comes in the spring
  7. If we open our mouth God is in every wild release.
  8. The muscles of your throat are only the beginning.
  1. So take my head in your mouth
  2. I will allow it and then you will do it for me.
  3. If we are old enough to know in pieces what we are
  4. Doing we will heal.
  5. Put your head in me and I will take your
  6. Entire body inside if I can.
  7. I will bear inside you with a way to rip the world in two.
  1. Come to me, you know
  2. I can tolerate any splendid whole or darkened loving, I
  3. Can take you to any attic and bring the sea.
  4. Wide moss carried on someone's shoes to the ocean edge
  5. There on the beach as
  6. You roll me; you; as needed and before needed;
  7. Until day retires and you replace the sight.
Packingtown Review – Vol.6, Winter 2014/2015

Elizabeth Johnson, PhD. is a clinical psychologist who, in addition to professional publications and presentations, has had poems published in Nimrod, Bear Creek Haiku, North American Review, International Journal of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology and North Dakota Quarterly. She lives in a timber frame home she hand-built in Colorado, and spends as much time as possible writing poetry.

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