by Omar Pérez


  1. a yellow atmosphere
  2. proliferation
  3. a virgin with a chain
  4. proliferation
  5. Saint Lazarus
  6. with two dogs in a fridge
  7. proliferation
  8. a convict raising a flag
  9. proliferation
  10. to love and to forget
  11. a virtual masturbation
  12. a background bolero
  13. a cataclysmic version
  14. the holidays belief: circumvallation
  15. two lies a dollar
  16. one truth by two by three
  17. proliferation
  18. a gospel, a debate, an information
  19. a bible and a conflagration
  20. as if you didn´t know
  21. Cuba get along your highway
  22. Cuba country lane
  1. proliferation
  2. a statue in the open sea
  3. the best angels of nature
  4. dancing by the microwave
  5. buy and buy and by your way
  6. a land kaleidoscope
  7. to meet over the rainbow
  8. in a microscope
  9. proliferation
  10. may the wind knock
  11. the monument down
  12. for this occasion

Translated from Spanish by Kristin Dykstra

Packingtown Review – Vol.6, Winter 2014/2015

Omar Pérez, poet and translator, has published five books of poetry in Cuba: Algo de lo sagrado, ¿Oíste hablar del gato de pelea?, Canciones y Letanías, Lingua Franca, and Crítica de la Razón Puta. He has also published two collections of essays on poetry and translation, La perseverancia de un hombre oscuro and El corazón mediterráneo. He translates from English, Italian, French, and Dutch. He has published, among others, a (Cuban) Spanish version of Shakespeare´s As You Like It: Como les Guste; a translation of Dylan Thomas´s Collected Poems; an anthology of 20th-century Italian poetry L´Antimelancólico; a collection of Anglophone African poetry Mágicos Intervalos; as well as Lo que es, an anthology of Dutch verse. He has collaborated in the theatre both as an actor and musician. He lives in Havana with his wife Sandra, who is a contemporary dancer, and their son.

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