Artist's Statement
by Michelle Graves

I am an interdisciplinary artist who incorporates different forms of text and language in my visual work, which includes small to large scale installations, performative "live art," videos, drawings, multimedia and street art.

I utilize my personal thoughts about modern existence, with a synapsing brain energized by oxygenated blood that is pumped by the heart, as material for my artwork. I reach beyond the limits of artistic mediums and research other fields to influence and inspire visual ideas of a mortal body and overactive mind. My research mainly consists of neurology, anatomy/physiology and existential/phenomenological philosophy. Though my artwork is becoming more and more analog, I am thoroughly fascinated by technology and the modern societal addiction to it.

"Heart and Brains"

"Still Churning"

"That Kind of Hurt"

"Feeling Alone"

"Beep Beep"


Packingtown Review – Vol.6, Winter 2014/2015

Michelle Graves received the Columbia College Chicago Dwight Follett Fellowship for graduate studies in 2009.  She completed her Interdisciplinary Arts and Media MFA in 2012 and has continued her art practice based in Chicago where she is actively involved in the gallery and street art scene.  Graves has exhibited her work nationally/internationally since 1997.  She currently teaches Photoshop and other Adobe software at Columbia College Chicago, The Chicago Portfolio School and North Central College.

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