by Ana Croegaert

  1. Yesterday and today
  2. Sunday and Monday
  3. are unseasonably warm January days in
  4. Chicago
  5. because the polar ice caps are melting
  6. which is bad for animals and plants and
  7. all the coastal areas in the world
  8. hurricanes and rising tides building to overcome them
  9. but here
  10. in the center of North America
  11. it makes mild winters and
  12. sunny January days
    1. Sunday morning
    2. I had breakfast with my son
    3. 16
    4. he had chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream and chocolate milk and
    5. the rest of my hash browns
      1. Then we went driving in the cemetery
      2. winding around grave sites
      3. headstones
      4. mausoleums
      5. and talking about
      6. the ghost that
      7. comes outside when it rains
        1. 1995 Saturn
        2. Wilted grass
Packingtown Review – Vol.7, Spring 2015

Ana Croegaert writes about migration and cultural landscapes in urban contexts. Her ethnographic work can be found in scholarly publications as well as in public anthropology installations in Chicago and in New Orleans. Croegaert is on faculty at the University of New Orleans where she teaches courses in urban anthropology and gender studies.

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