Table of Contents

  1. The Editors
    Human Beings Are Blue Or Not
  2. Maggie Queeney
  3. Alterationspoetry
  4. Duša Isijanov
    Blue Green 7art
  5. Blue 2art
  6. Color 3art
  7. Color 8art
  8. Red 5art
  9. Yellow 4art
  10. Artist’s Statement
  11. Urayoán Noel
    Claremont Park (The Bronx)poetry
  12. Caroline Kenworthy
    Spinal Psalmpoetry
  13. Cathy Hannah
    Descartes, Part 1comics
  14. Descartes, Part 2comics
  15. Gauguincomics
  16. Camus, Part 1comics
  17. Camus, Part 2comics
  18. Roger Browncomics
  19. Robert Tremmel
    The Good Old Dayspoetry
  20. Ana Croegaert
  21. Kim O'Neil
    Dicky Lucyfiction
  22. Luis Humberto Valadez
    I Am a Victim of a Traditional Classpoetry
  23. a good body shape could bring me the luckpoetry
  24. Dear Crispinpoetry
  25. Dear Mabelpoetry
  26. Taylor Mazer
    Another Billboardart
  27. Disconnectedart
  28. Outart
  29. Shamrockart
  30. Artist's Statement
  31. Katie Bodendorfer Garner
    Review of Dimitris Lyacos' With the people from the bridge
  32. Robert Krut
    You Are a Jellyfish, Ghostpoetry
  33. Gargoylepoetry
  34. Amanda Tumminaro
    The Eye of the Needlepoetry
  35. Simon Perchik
  36. *poetry
  37. Alexandra Rozenman
    Old Man and His Cat Vasyaart
  38. Old Man and Vasya lived in Kuchino, not that far from a railroad stationart
  39. Old Man and Vasya Knittingart
  40. Old Man and Vasya In the Riverart
  41. Artist's Statement
  42. Daniel Plate
    The Mnemonist and the Fateheadpoetry
  43. Mary Crow
    Into the Desertpoetry
  44. Edwin Torres
    Or Worship And Flightpoetry
  45. Roberto Harrison
    Symbol Prayerart
  46. Antelopeart
  47. Ser Humanoart
Packingtown Review – Vol.7, Winter 2015/2016
  1. The Editors
    Human Beings Are Blue Or Not