spinal psalm
by Caroline Kenworthy

  1. for my riddled mast
    								  my atlas
                     for the coatrack of my back-muscles
                     for center of my yellow feeling
    			an elegant, sequential broadening base.
                     for sputtering twist.
                             for buried littleneck clams
  3. graylichened
  4. & their poppling breath in the beach of my back
    1. all water is now
    2. seeking its level
Packingtown Review – Vol.7, Winter 2015/2016

Caroline Kenworthyis a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College with a concentration in creative writing. She has had work published in magazines such as The Louisville Review and Off the Coast, and her influences include Maurice Manning, Jean Valentine, and a camping trip in in the Grand Tetons when she was thirteen.

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