Artist's Statement
by Duša Isijanov

The glass wall paintings belong to the series "What if all people reach hands to one another?"

Like the famous orchestra play Boléro by French composer Maurice Ravel repeats and varies the same subject, each of the glass wall paintings of the series repeats the same question using the same material but different colors and forms.

Packingtown Review – Vol.7, Winter 2015/2016

DUšA ISIJANOV has studied stained glass and painting at the Stuttgart Academy of Fine Arts and in Siena, Italy. In 2007, she began BRAIN, a series dealing with the way people think, make decisions, feel, keep on learning, or sort daily experience during sleep. She is a cofounder of the international women artists group CREATIVAS in Germany.

  1. Urayoán Noel
    Clairmont Park (The Bronx)poetry