Human Beings Are Blue Or Not

by The Editors

This time, we'll let poet Chika Sagawa (1911-1936) introduce our current issue, ladies and gentlemen: "Please feel free to take a peek at this journal. Under that dim, economical light of the screen, may it sparkle before you like a fresh, elegant, or effective jewel. Having tired of sports, movies, and even the games of love, if you had any intention to follow the urban fashions that shift like the eyes of the cat, I do suggest giving this handy, portable little travel guide a try."

As you travel from Atuona to The Bronx in primary and secondary colors and in black and white, expect to encounter comic book characters, sad-eyed cats, misbehaving teens, misogynistic gargoyles, and more.

Heather Brown
Cheryl Hitosis
Dubravka Juraga
Paul Martinez Pompa
Snežana Žabić

Packingtown Review – Vol.7, Winter 2015/2016
  1. Maggie Queeney