The Good Old Days
by Robert Tremmel

  1. There is a naked man
  2. sitting through yet
  3. another meeting
  4. where a woman
  5. he can't stand
  6. is saying something
  7. he disagrees with
  8. to a man
  9. he can't stand either.
  1. So, the naked man
  2. reads the posters
  3. on the wall
  1. studies the cheap
  2. reproductions
  3. of mediocre paintings
  1. and fantasizes
  2. about a meeting
  3. years ago, when someone
  4. set out a plate of cookies
  5. the naked man didn’t like
  6. and refused to eat.
Packingtown Review – Vol.7, Winter 2015/2016

Robert Tremmel lives and writes in Ankeny, Iowa. Recently, he’s published in Spillway, The Fourth River , Edge, Off the Coast, Santa Fe Literary Review, Cold Mountain Review, Comstock Review, Earth’s Daughters, Roanoke Review, and others. He’s also published two collections and a chapbook titled There is a Naked Man with Main Street Rag.

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