Artist's Statement
by Daniel Weinberg

As a poet and artist I draw inspiration from everyday life usually in the city of Chicago.

Taking a commuter train for Chicago to Gary, Indiana for the last 10 years to work gave me a chance to look out the window and think about both cities and America. The nearly hour train ride gave me a chance to scribble poetry and graphics. I could draw and/or write in silence or nearly silence because sometimes I was the only passenger on the South Shore 6:55am train that went from Michigan and Randolph to the Gary-Metro stop. The great American Rust Belt was right there.

Packingtown Review – Vol.8, Winter 2016/2017

Daniel Weinberg has been Shmooz the Clown for a few years. He has an MLS from Dominican University and a BA in geography from Northeastern Illinois University. His art has been in Blue Mesa Review, the DANK Haus, and Glenwood Art Fair. He has had five letters published in MAD Magazine in the last seven years.

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