Table of Contents

  1. The Editors
    "Go, Curator, Go": An Invitation
  2. Paul Smith
    Approach Spanfiction
  3. Katie Lewington
  4. Bing Selfish
    Two Poemsvideopoetry
  5. A. Loudermilk
    A Hard Life for Yin Ladycriticismnonfiction
  6. Daniel Weinberg
    Hold Your Breathart
  7. Artist’s Statement
  8. Micah Ling
    A Brief History of Breastspoetry
  9. Demon Brewin'poetry
  10. Ashley Warren
    Black Substancepoetry
  11. Lillian Rose King
    The Price of Pietypoetry
  12. Gabriella Garofalo
    I Saw a Dead Beepoetry
  13. Alison Stadig
    Curl Installartvideo
  14. Human Elementart
  15. Artist’s Statement
  16. Kate Peterson
  17. Evan Steuber
    Plated Glassfiction
  18. Ricky Garni
  19. Sean Lause
    Double Shiftpoetry
  20. Ernest Williamson
    Engendering Genderart
  21. Allison Grayhurst
    Just Beforepoetry
Packingtown Review – Vol.8, Winter 2016/2017
  1. The Editors
    "Go, Curator, Go": An Invitation