by Katie Lewington

  1. They were silent in the car
  2. The world that passed them as they drove by was lit by street lamps
  3. children, barely into their teens, playing on the streets, swearing and shouting and sucking on
  4. cigarettes
  5. adults, hardly into their 40’s, with worry lines, wearing business suits and yelling into their
  6. mobile phones
  7. a couple arguing about his electronic tag, how he had to be home in five and his partner
  8. calling him Cinderella
  9. over and over.
Packingtown Review – Vol.8, Winter 2016/2017

Katie Lewington has her heart in travel, stealing her partners (extremely!) comfortable jumpers, creating a mess/art and poetry. She doesn't like apostrophes or vegetables as much. She is passionate about helping independent authors find the best audience for their work. Her creative writing can be read at and She can be contacted through Twitter @Idontwearahat.

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