To Find Home
by Nofel

  1. To roll the crank handle
  2. of a car window—so that
  3. you give your soul away
  4. to the fresh air of your country.
  1. To glimpse the water
  2. from far away, hoping
  3. it is not a mirage.
  1. To smile when listening
  2. to the sound of rain-drops
  3. that frightened you as a child.
  1. To find yourself in a song
  2. coming out of a random coffee-shop
  3. in a foreign country.
  1. To collect your tears
  2. that rained over the last
  3. page of a novel.
  1. To hear your mother
  2. crooning a song to you
  3. when you were little.
  1. To peruse Ayat Al-kursi
  2. on a miserable night
  3. before you go to sleep.
  4. (Perhaps it is something else
  5. you will read, but whatever it is,
  6. it is home).
  1. To rest your head
  2. on another person's shoulder
  3. when you are fatigued of life.
  1. To remain awake all night,
  2. awaiting the arrival
  3. of your beloved.
  1. To return from your mother-country,
  2. carrying all of your family pictures
  3. in a black valise.
  1. To find home.
Packingtown Review – Vol.9, Fall 2017

Nofel is an Arabo-Anglophone writer based in Canada. He can be reached at

  1. Daniel Aristi
    Very short émigré balladpoetry