Table of Contents

  1. The Editors
    "To life!!" Welcome.
  2. Alan Chazaro
    Oscar De La Hoya vs. Fernando Vargas, 2002poetry
  3. Backyardboxingpoetry
  4. Savannah McLeod
    On Saving the Worldpoetry
  5. Maureen Passmore
  6. Inga Lea Schmidt
    Will Emptypoetry
  7. Jean Wolff
  8. Medusaart
  9. Artist’s Statement
  10. Renata Jambrešić Kirin
    The Camphorwood Binderfiction
  11. Drago Glamuzina
  12. Lana Derkač
  13. Damir Šodan
    Madiba in "Top Gear"poetry
  14. Train to Cascaispoetry
  15. Nina Živančević
    We are pushing this n-tieth exile…poetry
  16. Mark Wyatt
    People’s Republic of China, 1995art
  17. Istanbul, Turkey, 1980art
  18. Artist’s Statement
  19. Lou Graves
    Mirror Poempoetry
  20. Charles Springer
    Chicken Littlepoetry
  21. Accounting Majorpoery
  22. Donna Pucianni
    Samaritan Sonnetpoetry
  23. Morgan Bazilian
  24. Liverpoetry
  25. James Wyshynski
    The 4th of Julypoetry
  26. Nofel
    A Letter to Someonepoetry
  27. To Find Homepoetry
  28. Daniel Aristi
    Very short émigré balladpoetry
  29. Henry Goldkamp
    Background Poempoetry
  30. What’s-Her-Face, The Janitorpoetry
  31. Bill Yarrow
    Lobbying for Compromisepoetry
  32. Jennifer Newhouse
    The Human Rootpoetry
Packingtown Review – Vol.9, Fall 2017
  1. The Editors
    "To life!!" Welcome.