Table of Contents

  1. The Editors
    New Geography
  2. Cal Freeman
    Note-Taking While Reading “Between the Trade Wars”poetry
  3. Lana Bella
  4. Carlos Hiraldo
    Summers in the UKpoetry
  5. Gene Barry
  6. Holly Day
    Wednesday Nightpoetry
  7. Megan Fahey
    Blister and Weepfiction
  8. Fabrice Poussin
    Memories at Lastart
  9. James Croal Jackson
    New Franklin, Ohiopoetry
  10. Jeff Frawley
    What Pauline Hadfiction
  11. Michelle Brooks
    Protect Yourself at All Timespoetry
  12. Alexandra Feliciano
    Southern Hospitalitypoetry
  13. Elias Sepulveda
    The Feast of Empty Streetspoetry
  14. The Intolerable Gates of City Limitspoetry
  15. Preeti Vangani
    Repair & Maintenancepoetry
  16. John Timothy Robinson
    Coral Iart
  17. Jay Shearer
    South Side Accentsfiction
  18. Kristin LaTour
    from The Whaler's Wifepoetry
  19. Akpa Arinzechukwu
    A Tale of Resurrectionpoetry
  20. Sanjeev Sethi
  21. Karin Wraley Barbee
    A man gave me a parachutepoetry
Packingtown Review – Vol.11, Spring 2019
  1. The Editors
    New Geography