"Certainly not anaemia..."
by Gabriella Garofalo

  1. Certainly not anaemia, certainly not ethereal
  2. The first summer moon, the grass they set ablaze,
  3. The memory spreading seeds of wild voices and frozen trees:
  4. Let friends, jaded skies lead you
  5. To the offspring of clouds and kites -
  6. Do they still call her life? -
  7. While a womb-shaking frenzy
  8. Wonders why we can’t dwell in a blue twilight
  9. In love with Atropos’ threads.
  10. And now you stop whining, soul,
  11. Yes, now, look at those girls
  12. Sporting flowers and pink laces,
  13. Look at them girls on a shopping binge:
  14. Books and bling -
  15. No, not stars, I say bling -
  16. It’s not their fault, mind, if days breathe,
  17. You sure men, white lies, hot stuff matter at all?
  18. C’mon, don’t kid yourself,
  19. Don’t you remember you threw adrenaline to the sky
  20. And got a shock so many times?
  21. You were a child.
  22. Some tips for you:
  23. Live colours, keep books bare,
  24. No lovers, no delays, careful now:
  25. You cut away a chunk of rebel heaven -
  26. The lunatic fringe, yes?
  27. You’ll have to live on new heavens, I’m afraid -
  28. And they’ll grab you on the fly.
Packingtown Review – Vol.14, Fall 2020

Born in Italy some decades ago, Gabriella Garofalo fell in love with the English language at six, the same age she started writing poems (in Italian). She is the author of Lo sguardo di Orfeo, L’inverno di vetro, Di altre stelle polari, Casa di erba, and Blue Branches.

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