Table of Contents

  1. The Editors
    Roll up Your Sleeve and Speak
  2. Mike Jurkovic
    Tinker Lesspoetry
  3. Oblong Thingpoetry
  4. Lori Lamothe
    The Scarspoetry
  5. Rose-Colored Sunglassespoetry
  6. Ewa Mazierska
    Love Cyclefiction
  7. Donna Kosiba
    Blues Portraitsart
  8. Daniel Bourne
    Wojciech Boros: Edginess and Transformationessay
  9. Wojciech Boros
    Easy. Easy.poetry
  10. "These cocoons..."poetry
  11. "The King of Cement..."poetry
  12. "A dazzling new supermarket..."poetry
  13. "In waves the crooked centipedes..."poetry
  14. William C. Crawford
    Chinese Laundry. San
  15. Emmanuel Merle
    My Hand Below Zeropoetry
  16. Nikolai Morshen
    "When life tightens the noose..."poetry
  17. "His life was so short..."poetry
  18. Alexander Kushner
    "My friends..."poetry
  19. "I was wrong..."poetry
  20. Suhasini Yeeda
    Not Unlike His Ownfiction
  21. William C. Crawford
    Surveying the Passengers. Crowded San Francisco
  22. Clay Cantrell
  23. Jenene Ravesloot
    Two Variations on Rimbaud's “The Sitters”poetry
  24. Gabriella Garofalo
    "Certainly not anaemia..."poetry
  25. Brandon Krieg
    After a Dream in Winterpoetry
  26. Lisa Caloro
    What the Truth is Worthpoetry
  27. God’s Replypoetry
  28. Donna Kosiba
    Lurrie Bellart
Packingtown Review – Vol.14, Fall 2020
  1. The Editors
    Roll up Your Sleeve and Speak